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Cuts – A Slow Decline 12″



Product Description

Available on heavyweight 12” vinyl and digital

download single. All artwork taken by Cuts himself

in Iceland. Lead single from upcoming album ‘A

Gradual Decline’ alongside two exclusive B-sides.

 Cuts’ music has been described as “diving-belldeep

growls to sky-scraping, synthetic peals” by

Crack Magazine, with The 405 noting “clear

influences from the powerful build of Mogwai

tracks to the My Bloody Valentine-esque use of

distortion and distant vocals.” On Cuts’ ‘EP1’

released by Invada, The Quietus wrote “the buzz

and hum of fed-back electronics get underscored

by the undoubtedly sinister-feeling creep of

industrial percussive mechanisms.”

 A stark sense of urgency permeates the music on

‘A Slow Decay’ – sometimes chaotic and alarming,

with siren-like melodies, volatile, stuttered beats

and synthetic gales of melody that wrap

themselves around glacial percussion. Elsewhere

the sense of precarity is subtler, enveloped in

gaseous chords that swell and evaporate, or

ethereal and dense guitars and distant vocals – all

hallmarks of previous Cuts material, here honed

into a concise conceptual set.

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