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Electronic / Synth / Ambient

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Ben Chatwin – Altered Signals



Product Description

Following the release of 2018’s acclaimed pair of

albums ‘Staccato Signals’ and ‘Drone Signals’, Ben

Chatwin returns in with ‘Altered Signals’. As the title

suggests, Ben has enlisted the talents and

imaginations of a host of electronic producers to

reconfigure the original ten compositions featured on

‘Staccato Signals’, injecting new life into a project

already seething with texture, dynamism and emotion.

 Highlights include Planet Mu stalwart Ital Tek’s remix

of ‘Silver Pit’, which seizes the slow-burning

cataclysmic energy of the original and reforms it with

the bold, cinematic crescendos that characterised his

2018 album ‘Bodied’. Steve Hauschildt, who also

released a new album last year, ‘Dissolvi’, repurposes

the alien yet organic synth sounds from ‘Helix’ into a

multi-dimensional blissful ambient techno workout.

 Strictly speaking, this is the second ‘remix’ album of

the ‘Signals’ project – with ‘Drone Signals’, Ben already

took the material in one direction by feeding string

parts into an array of modular and analogue

synthesisers. With this new album, he once again

relinquishes control – a central conceptual

underpinning of the project – by working with some of

his favourite producers working in the electronic


 Though the music ranges from ambient to acid

techno, this is nevertheless a dynamic and cohesive

work that’s sure to excite fans of both of ‘Staccato

Signals’ and ‘Drone Signals’.

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