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AKIRA IFUKUBE – King Kong vs. Godzilla



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Product Description

Akira Ifukube’s score to the legendary 1962 monster movie ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’! Ifukube’s visionary music is tense and violent, a perfect complement to Ishirō Honda’s film. This incredible score alternates between brass and strings as we witness the death and destruction that comes in the wake of these two classic film monsters’ battles.


Track list:
Side One:

  1. Main Title 2. Series Of World Wonders 3. The Sparkling Iceberg 4. The Seahawk In Crisis 5. The Seahawk’s S.O.S. 6. Fallow Island 7. The Natives 8. Thunder And The Devil 9. Fumiko’s Misgivings 10. Godzilla’s Resurrection 11. The Cry Of The Devil 12. A Prayer To The Rolling Thunder 13. Drums Of Battle 14. The Devil In The South Seas 15. Giant Octopus Vs King Kong 16. The Sleeping Devil 17. The Invincible King Kong 18. Preparations For Operation ‘Burial’ 19. Operation ‘Burial’ 20. Operation ‘Burial’ Fails


Side Two:

  1. The Terror Of Godzilla 2. King Kong Vs Godzilla I 3. Preparations For Operation ‘One Million Volts’ 4. Operation ‘One Million Volts’ I 5. Operation ‘One Million Volts’ II 6. Kong Shows Up In Tokyo 7. The Plan To Rescue Fumiko 8. The Plan To Transport King Kong 9. King Kong Advances On Fuji 10. The Confrontation At Fuji 11. King Kong’s Resurrection 12. King Kong Vs Godzilla Ii 13. Ending

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